Victor Ciupec

I'm an International Computer Science student and app Developer who ocasionally writes about the intricacies of life

About Me

"Great things never come from comfort zones." (anonymous)

I love programming, writing, travelling and lifting heavy things. I have relocated multiple times in my life, from my little home town in Romania to the Netherlands, then to London, and finally back to Amsterdam where I currently study Computer Science. Adapting to living in new places trained my ability to fit into teams and work on projects where various cultural differences are present and quickly adapt to new environments and challenges.

In my spare time I work on developing cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter and various other development projects such as gmail add-ons, raspberry pi security system, and Unreal Engine 4 mini games. To spark my creative flame, I enjoy writing articles about ideas that spontaneously form in my head in the spur of the moment whether they be fitness, history or philosophical. When I am not writing or developing, I am either travelling or working on embettering myself at the gym.